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Hat Featured In The Latest Edition of Wylde Magazine

I was delighted to see that one of my hats actually featured in the latest (5th?) edition of Wylde magazine.  The Newstand website has the following to say about Wylde:

Cover of the latest edition Wylde magazine
Cover of the latest edition of        Wylde  magazine

“Hugely impressive, and impressively huge, Wylde is a stunning bi-annual photography, culture fashion and visual arts magazine, with a few fascinating interviews thrown in for good measure. 

The large scale format – it really is impressively sized – gives the exquisite full page photography that forms the majority of Wylde’s content the space to full express itself. Each issue offers photographic explorations of style and fashion – with handy explanations of who designed the clothes in the shoots – as well as more esoteric and shocking subject matters. Gorgeous, strange and a little bit crazy, all in one impressively sized publication”

They go on to say “As well as being an excellent collection of fashion, photography, culture and art, the sheer size of it means that it has other potential practical uses. Say you were stuck on one side of a river and needed to cross it? Simply use an issue of Wylde as an impromptu raft. Need to construct a small fort? Wylde could provide the building blocks of your castle.  We kid, of course, it isn’t actually big enough to do this, but it is still a hugely impressive publication to plonk down on your coffee table and show off to any visitors.”

It truly is a big and impressive publication, especially as it’s A3 size, and the styling throughout the magazine is absolutely amazing. For this particular shoot, my lovely friend, stylist Laura Sophie Cox, was assisting. She and everyone else on the shoot did such a good job producing these beautiful images.

Using the ‘Ethereal’ hat from my Prufrock Collection, a garland of cream roses, red fruits and black was added to complement the outfit they had put together with black & gold embroidered top and black pencil skirt.  The overall result, as you can see below, is pretty stunning and dramatic.

Full outfit in Wylde magazine photoshoot
Full Outfit featured in Wylde Magazine

Sorry that the close-up photo below is a bit fuzzy but it shows the hat in a bit more detail, together with an inset of my standard ‘Ethereal’ hat just to illustrate the sort of transformations that are possible.

Close-up of my 'Ethereal' hat with added garland
Close-up of my ‘Ethereal’ hat with added garland (and original inset)

Anyway, as you can see below, I am now moving in exalted circles – Victoria Beckham designed the skirt!! Mixing in exalted company?!


Working on a new commission

Over the past week, I have been working on a commission for my wonderful friend Louisa Freeman to wear to a winter wedding this last weekend- she looked beautiful!

Louisa wore an amazing orange coat and wanted a bespoke hat to match her outfit.  After trying on designs from my Spring/Summer 2014 ‘Prufrock’ Collection she fell in love with the ‘Evening’ headpiece.  Given the recent wintery weather, Louisa was attracted to darker colours and decided to have the hat made all in black  with  orange quills, providing a splash of colour.

Here are some photos showing several stages in the making process:

Iona Montgomery Millinery - Prufrock Collection 'Evening'
1. Black sinamay button base
Iona Montgomery Millinery - Prufrock Collection 'Evening'
2.  Positioning trim and securing it to the base
Iona Montgomery Millinery - Prufrock Collection 'Evening'
3.  The finished headpiece

All of my designs from the ‘Prufrock’ Collection S/S 14 (below) can be adapted to compliment any outfit.

Iona Montgomery Millinery - Prufrock Collection
Prufrock Collection S/S14

If you are interested in having a bespoke hat made or discussing a commission, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact me on:

07796 444 315    or alternatively email iona@ionamontgomery.co.uk