Starting work on my new Spring / Summer 2015 AURELIA Collection

Although it can be very daunting coming up with inspiration for the design concept of a new collection, sometimes it comes to you in a flash.  On this occasion, inspiration has come from a wonderful holiday in The Maldives (lucky me!) where diving every day amongst the fish and coral reefs was a highlight.  The variety of colour and shapes was incredible.  From there, it was a short step to jellyfish, focusing primarily on the organic movement of their tentacles and intricate ‘internal blooms’.

Ultimately, it was the serenity of movement of these extraordinary creatures that got the creative ideas flowing. The name I have chosen for the new collection is AURELIA – aurelia aurita is the latin name for the moon or saucer jellyfish and the saucer shape will be the base for several of the hats. One could also say that aurei (latin for golden) is equally relevant because, after exploring all the vibrant colours on offer, I eventually have homed in on softer, more neutral colours including gold & beige.

I thought it might be of interest to see some of the sketches I made during the design process to give you an idea of how the concept evolves. Early sketches were pretty vibrant as you can see

Early Aurelia Collection sketches
Early Aurelia Collection sketches
Some more!
Some more!


There were loads more pages in my sketch book but I suspect you get the idea.  Jumping forward then quite a bit, here are some more sketches which will be much closer to the hats which will actually be in the AURELIA Collection.  These are monochrome, pen & ink illustrations – but I don’t want to give everything away!  (Forgive the poor quality images with inbuilt shadow!)

010 009 008 007 006 005 004 003 002 001

The plan at the moment is to have 21 hats in this new AURELIA Collection – there may be more if I get carried away.

I am now at the stage of having ‘blocked’ most of the bases – as you can see from the photo below. Once those are complete (almost there), the fun it then comes when I start adding the trims and ‘movement’.

Here I am with some of the early completed bases
Here I am with some of the early completed Aurelia bases

The only hat in the collection that has actually been completed was done so a while ago but it was the first one off the drawing board following that holiday in the Maldives and it was the one that gave me confidence to base a whole collection on this design concept.

First completed hat in the Aurelia Collection
First completed hat in the Aurelia Collection
Close up
Close up



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